Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale? Which wine region to visit near Adelaide?

When it comes to South Australia, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is South Australia’s exceptional wineries.

Indeed, South Australia is home to many of the best wineries in Australia and worldwide. A trip to South Australia is a true indulgence for your taste buds.

Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are two of the most well-known wine regions in South Australia. They share many similarities, yet they are distinctively different. Many people have trouble deciding which one to visit, especially when visiting Adelaide for only a short time.

In this article, I have listed a detailed comparison between the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale to help you decide which wine region to visit when in Adelaide.

Great alternatives to the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are also listed towards the end of this article.

Locations: Barossa Valley vs McLaren Vale

In terms of the location, it is quicker and easier to drive to McLaren Vale from Adelaide in comparison to the Barossa Valley.

Barossa Valley is located about 75 km north of Adelaide. It takes almost one hour to drive between the Barossa Valley and Adelaide.

In comparison, McLaren Vale is 40 km south of Adelaide. It only takes about 45 minutes to drive between McLaren Vale and Adelaide.

I personally find the drive between McLaren Vale and Adelaide more enjoyable and scenic as well. Since McLaren Vale is only minutes away from the picturesque coastline along the Fleurieu Peninsula, you can also take a quick detour to the beach when visiting McLaren Vale.

Climate: Barossa Valley vs McLaren Vale

Generally speaking, South Australia has a Mediterranean climate. It is usually dry and sunny during the warmer months & cool and wet during the winter months. This is also the contributing factor to why South Australia has so many exceptional wine regions.

With that being said, the climates are slightly different between individual wine regions. There are also micro-climates within certain wine regions.

The further north you go, the greater weather extremes you will usually see (long hot summer days & cold winter months). The further south you go, the milder and wetter the weather normally is (slightly cooler summers & wetter and warmer winters).

Barossa Valley

Sitting in the north of Adelaide, Barossa Valley’s warmer months are typically hot and dry. With its long summer days, Barossa Valley is perfect for grapes to ripe & develop its ideally balanced acidity and sugar.

As a result of its perfect climate, Barossa Valley is well-known for producing Shiraz with unmatched depth, bold flavours, and naturally high alcohol content.

In addition to its world-renowned Shiraz, Barossa Valley also offers a wide variety of wines to suit everyone’s taste.

From Grenache to Cabernet Sauvignon & from whites to fortified wines, you name it! There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy in the Barossa Valley.

McLaren Vale

Sitting in the south of Adelaide, McLaren Vale has milder weather and is generally cooler and wetter than the Barossa Valley.

As a result of its milder climate, wines from the McLaren Vale are generally softer and easier to consume when compared to wines from the Barossa Valley.

I’m not a big fan of reds, and when I do drink red wines, I normally prefer those softer reds from McLaren Vale.

However, this is largely a personal preference. If you love the depth and flavours of a big red wine, you will likely enjoy the reds (especially the Shiraz) from the Barossa Valley better.

McLaren Vale also offers a great variety of white wines & can be a good option if you are a white wine drinker.

Wineries: Barossa Valley vs McLaren Vale

Both the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale have a range of wineries on offer. These wineries do share some similarities but a lot of differences.

In general, if you are looking for wine tasting experiences in charming chateaus or big-name wineries, Barossa Valley is your choice. If you are looking for more intimate wine tasting experiences, McLaren Vale is your better bet.

With that being said, there are also many smaller scaled wineries in the Barossa Valley. You can find some big-name wineries in the McLaren Vale as well.

Barossa Valley

Being one of the oldest and most famous wine regions in Australia, Barossa Valley is never short of esteemed wineries and chateaus.

Here I have listed three popular (and distinctively different) cellar doors for you to get a taste of the Barossa Valley. There are many more exceptional cellar doors in the Barossa Valley, which you may wish to visit as well.

If you prefer to join a guided Barossa Valley tour, you can find a range of Guided Barossa Valley Wine Tasting Tours here on ViatorOpens in a new tab..

Chateau Tanunda

There are many picturesque chateaus in the Barossa Valley, and a lot of them also offer wine-tasting experiences. Among them, Chateau Tanunda is hands down the most popular and most photographed chateau in the Barossa Valley.

Established in 1890, Chateau Tanunda is the oldest and largest chateau in Australia. With its distinctive shiraz-coloured trims, Chateau Tanunda is also one of the most recognisable and iconic buildings in the Barossa Valley.

As an acclaimed winery, Chateau Tanunda offers an exceptional wine tasting experience in this historic chateau. Make sure you also take a guided walking tour through the oak barrels to appreciate the art of winemaking.

To join a wine-tasting or cellar door tour in Chateau Tanunda, bookings are essential. This can be secured either online Opens in a new tab.or over the phone.

In addition to Chateau Tanunda, you may wish to check out Chateau Yaldara and Barossa Chateau as well. There is also a beautiful rose garden at the back of Barossa Chateau, which I highly recommend you to check out when visiting.

Penfolds Barossa Cellar Door

When it comes to Shiraz, Penfolds Grange is the be-all and end-all of all Shiraz in Australia.

A bottle of Penfolds Grange is not just a bottle of vintage Shiraz but also a highly collectable item.

At Penfolds Barossa Celler Door, you have the option to taste the more readily available wine options, as well as the internationally renowned Penfolds Bin 95 (Grange).

Since Grange usually comes with a steep price tag, tasting of Grange is currently priced at AUD150 per person (June 2022). However, if you are really interested in shiraz, this is likely the best wine-tasting experience you can find in Australia.

Alternatively, more affordable wine tasting options are available without Grange. There is also the option to make your own blend of red wine (bookingsOpens in a new tab. are required) at the cellar door.

Jacob’s Creek

Jacob’s Creek is a well-known and budget-friendly wine brand from the Barossa Valley.

Different to many chateaus and wine cellars in the Barossa Valley, Jacob’s Creek offers a modern cellar door and restaurant to cater for a wider range of people. Outdoor space with vineyards and dining facilities is available for everyone to enjoy and relax.

In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, Jacob’s Creek also has a great variety of wines to choose from. From reds to whites to sparkling, you name it & they have it.

In general, I find the reds from Jacob’s Creek softer than what you would normally find from the Barossa Valley. I personally prefer softer wines, but they might not be to your liking.

When it comes to the whites, I think they are a winner here. If you like Chardonnay, then you definitely need to try out Jacob Creek’s fruity and refreshing Chardonnay.

Apart from their cool atmosphere and excellent wine choices, another winning point of Jacob’s Creek Cellar Door is their budget-friendly pricing.

Jacob’s Creek does have higher-end wine ranges (hence higher price tags). There are many more budget-friendly options too, especially when compared with other big-name cellar doors in the Barossa Valley.

This budget-friendly pricing is reflected in both the wine-tastingOpens in a new tab. experiences and the purchase price for individual bottles.

With that being said, many of the wine options at Jacob’s Creek Cellar Door are now available from bottle shops, such as Dan Murphy’s. If that is the case, you are likely going to get a cheaper price at the bottle shops instead of from the cellar door (speaking from my personal experience, it definitely was not a great feeling to arrive home only to find that I have overpaid on almost all my wine purchases).

McLaren Vale

As a major wine region in Adelaide’s south, McLaren Vale is also in no short supply of exceptional wineries.

Although Shiraz is the mainstay of this region, McLaren Vale is well-known for its Grenache and Cabernet as well.

From the iconic Hardys Tintara and Wirra Wirra to the more recently established Samuel’s Gorge and Primo Estate, McLaren Vale offers a wide variety of wineries for everyone to discover.

Different to the Barossa Valley, you don’t normally find a lot of big wineries in McLaren Vale. Instead, McLaren Vale is populated with a range of smaller and more unique wineries. Many of them also have restaurants on-site, which can be a great addition to wine tastings.

Guided wine tasting tours are also available in McLaren Vale & you can find them here on Viator.Opens in a new tab.

Here, I have listed two very unique McLaren Vale wineries to give you a taste of this region. Be sure to check out other wineries as well if time allows.

d’Arenberg Cube

Although it is only a recent addition to d’Arenberg (built in 2003), d’Arenberg Cube has already become a McLaren Vale icon.

As the name suggests, d’Arenberg Cube is shaped like a puzzle cube, which is to symbolise the complexity of wine makings.

On entering this five-story puzzle cube, you will first walk through a sensory museum (officially named ‘Alternate Reality Museum‘) to explore the wine-making process through different senses. There is also a range of arts and artifacts on display throughout this building (in fact, the entire estate).

The wine cellar door and restaurant are located on the top floor of the d’Arenberg Cube. When visiting the cellar door, make sure you try out their famous Dead Arm Shiraz, which is intensely flavoured & a highly recommended range from d’Arenberg.

A visit to the Alternate Reality Museum currently (June 2022) costs AUD15 per person, and it includes a complimentary wine tasting experience. Tasting of d’Arenberg’s more esteemed collections, such as the Dead Arm range, currently (June 2022) costs AUD50 per person. These experiences can be booked in advance here on the d’Arenberg website.

Down The Rabbit Hole

When my friends first took me to Down The Rabbit Hole, I thought we were going into a quirky cafe. I only realised we were in a winery after we stepped into that pastel blue van and offered options for wine tastings.

Down The Rabbit Hole is another good example of how unique and quirky some of McLaren Vale’s wineries can be.

At Down The Rabbit Hole, you can pull out a rug and enjoy a glass of wine on the lawn, get even tipsier by swinging on the hanging eggshell chair, take an insta-worthy photo with that pastel blue double-decker van, and enjoy a fine dining experience in their charming little restaurant.

In terms of the wine choices, as you may expect from a small winery, there are only a few wine choices from Down The Rabbit Hole. However, they are pretty good for the price tag (mostly around AUD30 per bottle).

To join a wine tasting at Down The Rabbit Hole, you do not need to book in advance. However, bookings are highly recommended if you wish to enjoy a meal within the restaurant (because of limited space). With that being said, if you only wish to use the outdoor sitting areas, bookings are not required.

I enjoyed everything about Down The Rabbit Hole, especially the cool & relaxing vibes this place offered. At times I do wish they had more options for white wine drinkers, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me.

Final Verdict: Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale?

The choice between the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale is hard. Both these wine regions produce exceptional wines & the final choice of which region to visit depends highly on personal preference.

For people who love a good Shiraz with intense depth and bold flavours, Barossa Valley is definitely the place for you. For people who love beautiful chateaus and big named wineries, Barossa Valley is also the place for you.

For people who prefer softer wines that are easier to consume, McLaren Vale can be your better option. For people who prefer a more intimate wine tasting experience and smaller wineries, McLaren Vale is there for you.

If you wish to discover more than just the wineries during your wine tour, you may also wish to visit McLaren Vale instead of the Barossa Valley.

McLaren Vale is only a short drive from the rugged coastline along the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is also along the drive to many attractions in the Fleurie Peninsula.

Alternatives to the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale

Although the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are two of the most famous wine regions in South Australia, there is still a range of other wine regions near Adelaide that are worth exploring.

These wine regions may not be as well-known as the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, but they also offer excellent selections of wines.

In fact, for some people, these wine regions can be better alternatives than visiting the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is another well-known wine region in South Australia.

With only a 20-minute drive from Adelaide, Adelaide Hills is the closest wine region you can find near Adelaide.

Sitting in the rolling Mount Lofty Range, Adelaide Hills is better known for its refreshing cool-climate white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

In terms of reds, the smooth, silky Pinot Noir from Adelaide Hills is a must-try wine variety when visiting this region. When it comes to Adelaide Hills’ Shiraz, they are generally much lighter in comparison to Barossa Valley Shiraz.

In general, Adelaide Hills can be a great alternative to the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. In addition to its close proximity to Adelaide, Adelaide Hills also offers great options for white wine lovers. Its Pinot Noir is among the bests in South Australia. There is a variety of activities in Adelaide Hills for the whole family to enjoy as well.

For detailed information on things to do in Adelaide Hills, feel free to check out this article on ‘Adelaide Hills Day Trip‘.

If you prefer a guided wine-tasting tour instead of a self-drive tour, you may wish to check out this Guided Adelaide Hills Cellar Door TourOpens in a new tab. for AUD179 per person (at time of writing – June 2022). In this way, everyone can fully enjoy the day without worrying about being the designated driver.

Since Adelaide Hills is neighbouring the beautiful Barossa Valley, joined Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley wine tour Opens in a new also available for people to visit these two acclaimed wine regions in only one day.

Eden Valley

Being part of the Barossa, Eden Valley is also home to some terrific wine varieties.

Although neighbouring each other, wines from Eden Valley are recognisably different to those from the Barossa Valley. The Barossa Valley is acclaimed for its big, bold Shiraz & Eden Valley is better known for its more delicate fruit profile and age-worthiness.

In addition to its Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, Eden Valley also offers exceptional Rieslings for white wine drinkers.

Clare Valley

With an almost 2 hours drive north of Adelaide, Clare Valley is the farthest wine region on this list.

Clare Valley produces one of the best dry Riesling in South Australia (probably in Australia too). If you are a serious Riesling lover, that 2 hours drive to Clare Valley will be absolutely worth it.

In addition to the Riesling, Clare Valley also offers quality Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red wine drinkers.

Guided wine tours around Clare Valley are also available. You can either join the guided tour from ClareOpens in a new tab. or start the tour from AdelaideOpens in a new tab.. Since the drive between Adelaide and Clare Valley is almost 2 hours long (one-way), the pick-up and drop-off service from Adelaide does come with a much bigger price tag (but reasonable).

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