Tasmania Packing List for All Seasons

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Generally speaking, Tasmania is cooler than the rest of Australia. With its diverse landscape and rapidly changing weather conditions, packing for a trip to Tasmania can be a headache. It is easy to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but not easy to pack light.

To make your trip planning easier, I have listed a comprehensive yet compact Tasmania Packing List for all seasons. Hope you can find it useful.


Layering is essential for travelling to Tasmania. This is especially true if you wish to travel light. By effective layering, all your clothing items can become multi-purpose, hence reducing the number of items you need to pack.

Layering for an unexpectedly cold day in late November
Layering for an unexpectedly cold day in late November: T-shift + Jumper + Waterproof Parka Jacket

Essential Clothing Items for All Seasons

Due to Tasmania’s diverse landscape and ever-changing weather conditions, the clothing items listed here should be packed for all seasons.

Waterproof & Windproof Jacket

If you haven’t got one already, be sure to invest in a good waterproof & windproof jacket. This is an essential and versatile travel item for travelling to not only Tasmania but all around the world.

When making your purchase, try to find a well fitted waterproof and rainproof jacket that does not look too baggy. In this way, you can also wear it on your city adventures.

In addition, waterproofing is not the same as non-breathable. Some cheaper options may seem like a bargain but are extremely uncomfortable to wear. Hence, I suggest purchasing the best quality waterproof and windproof jacket you can financially afford, as It will serve you much better in the long run.

Being from Australia, Kathmandu has always been my go-to brand for outdoor gear. I bought a black coloured waterproof and rainproof jacket from Kathmandu in 2018, and it is still serving me well in 2022. Apart from having many zipper pockets, it also has a hood, which can be folded into the collar when not in use. Because of its sleek design, it suits a casual walk in big cities as well.

(Declaimer: I’m not affiliated with Kathmandu & I’m suggesting this purely based on my own experience)

Feel free to check it out here on Kathmandu’s website. The style I bought is available for both men & women.

My Waterproof & Windproof Kathmandu Jacket
My Waterproof & Windproof Kathmandu Jacket – saved me from the constant rain and snow in Europe & also a great addition to my Tasmania trip

Thermal Jacket

Similar to a waterproof and windproof jacket, a thermal jacket is also an essential and versatile travel item.

A thermal jacket can be worn by itself on a cooler day to keep you warm, or layered under a windproof jacket as an insulation layer.

There are a variety of thermal jackets around. Depending on the material and how it’s manufactured, the price for thermal jackets varies significantly from one place to the other. When looking for a thermal jacket, I also suggest purchasing the best quality thermal jacket you can financially afford, because it will generally serve you better in the long run.

Being a Kathmandu fan, I bought a thermal jacket from them as well. It is a super soft and snuggly fleece jacket. Although it feels relatively thin, it keeps you really warm. The material of this thermal jacket is lightweight and quick-drying, which is a bonus when you want to pack light. I have also been on long hikes with it, and it worked well for that purpose too.

Feel free to check out here on Kathmandu for similar styled thermal jackets. It is also available for men.

A multi-purpose Thermal Jacket form Kathmandu
A multi-purpose Thermal Jacket form Kathmandu – sleek design, compact, warm & quick to dry

Jumpers (optional)

Jumpers can keep you warm as well, but they are much bulkier than thermal jackets.

However, if you have enough space left in your suitcase and/or prefer to have different looks throughout your trip, jumpers can come in handy on those cooler days.

Long Pants

As warm as the weather can be, long pants are still a travel essential when visiting Tasmania. This is especially true if you wish to go on a hike in one of Tasmania’s national parks.


Bring a few T-shirts to wear for the warmer days and/or to be layered underneath a jacket on those cooler days.

Underwears & Pyjamas / Lounge Wears

This is more of a personal preference.


Tasmania is all about the outdoors. You will no doubt be walking more miles and steps than you usually would at home.

A pair of breathable socks will help absorb the sweats and make your feet feel more comfortable after a long walk. Be sure to bring a few pairs of them, so you have enough to change into.

Extras Clothing Items for Winter

Due to its geological location, winter is much colder in Tasmania than mainland Australia.

When travelling to Tasmania in winter, you will likely experience snow at some point, especially in the alpine regions. Hence, effective layering is even more crucial when visiting Tasmania in the winter months.

Down Jacket / Parka Jacket

A good down jacket/parka jacket is always a winter essential.

When choosing a down jacket/parka jacket, you might want to consider a longline jacket that covers your bottom and thighs. The difference this extra bit of fabric makes is significant, and you will likely regret not purchasing a longline jacket when the strong wind finds its way up your waistline.

Canada Goose offers a range of great quality longline jackets for extremely cold weather conditions, feel free to check them out here on Canada GooseOpens in a new tab..

Beanie + Scarf + Gloves

A warm beanie, scarf, and gloves can effectively prevent heat loss from the most sensitive areas of your body and are essential in a winter Tasmania packing list.

When choosing these accessories, be sure to purchase one that is made with wool. Cotton or synthetic materials are great for cosmetic purposes, but not so good in keeping you warm.

When choosing gloves, you may also want to look at ski gloves. They are much bulkier, but your hands will thank you for it.

  • Check out these ski gloves here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Check out these ski gloves here on eBayOpens in a new tab..
A snowy day at Mt Wellington Summit in the middle of November
Mt Wellington Summit in late November – wish I had a scarf & gloves as well


I highly suggest packing at least two sets of good quality merino wool thermals for your winter holiday in Tasmania.

From my personal experience, if it gets really cold, you can always wear the thermals on top of each other for extra insulation. Although you will likely find it difficult to walk and bend your arms with this method, you will be toasty warm after all.

Uniqlo offers a range of good quality thermals at a very affordable price, which you can check out here on UniqloOpens in a new tab..

Warm Socks

Warm socks are also a winter essential.

I suggest packing a few pairs of merino wool socks where possible. This material is great for travel, as it will keep you warm, absorb sweats, reduce odours, and dry up quickly after washing.

Extra Clothing Items for Summer

Swimsuit (optional)

There are many great beaches in Tasmania. However, I found the water was extremely cold everywhere we went, even on the warmer days in December.

I did pack swimsuits in my suitcase during our visit, but they were never unpacked throughout the trip.

In saying that, I’m sure there are people much braver than me, so feel free to pack yourself a swimsuit for your summer holiday in Tasmania.

Dress / Shorts

Summer in Tasmania is mild. Its daily higher temperature usually sits in the 20s or the low 30s Celsius.

Dreses and shorts would be great for those warmer beach days, but please also make sure you are packing jackets and long pants for your summer holiday in Tasmania.


Waterproof trekking shoes

A good pair of waterproof trekking shoes are essential in your Tasmania packing list.

A good pair of waterproof trekking shoes will help protect your feet from the rough muddy terrains you may encounter during a hike. They are also more slip-resistant and can provide your feet with better support than regular walking shoes.

I purchased a pair of Teva trekking boots years ago, which is so far one of my best travel investments. It is waterproof, so I don’t need to worry about walking through shallow waters or in the rain. It also provides great foot and ankle support, which reduces your chance of twisting the ankles. Because of their sleek design, I can also wear them as walking shoes if needed.

Feel free to check out here on Teva (Australia)Opens in a new tab. / Teva (USA)Opens in a new tab. / Teva (Europe)Opens in a new tab. for their latest collections and pricing.

Good all-weather trekking shoes can take you everywhere you need to be
Good all-weather trekking shoes can take you everywhere you need to be

Walking Shoes

As great as trekking shoes can be, they are relatively heavy and can be difficult to wear on warmer days. Therefore, a pair of walking shoes or sneakers are also suggested in your Tasmania packing list.

I personally prefer to bring a pair of sneakers for their versatility. But some people may prefer a pair of runners or proper walking shoes for comfort. Hence, the choice of walking shoes is purely based on personal preference.

Sandals (optional)

In the warmer months (December to March), you may also want to bring a pair of sandals for those beach days.

Suitcase & Bags


What suitcase to bring is mostly based on personal preference and needs. In general, I suggest:

  • Bring a suitcase if road tripping with a car. If you are renting a car locally, be sure to ask for a car boot measurement, just in case your suitcase does not fit into the boot.
  • If you are renting a caravan or motorhome, a foldable wheelie duffle bag or backpack may be a better option. By using a foldable bag, you can easily fold it up for storage, after unpacking all your essentials.

Backpack / Day Bag

A compact foldable backpack is my new favourite for all travels.

I used to bring a full-sized backpack for travelling, but I found it difficult to store away when not in use. Ever since I discovered this small foldable backpack from Kathmandu, I have been seriously in love.

It has a 15L capacity, in which I’m able to store a water bottle, snacks, a camera, and a jacket. The material does feel quite thin, but it’s durable. Although lightweight, it still offers good shoulder support. After each use, it can be packed in its front pocket for easy storage.

  • If you are interested in this foldable backpack, you can check it out here on KathmanduOpens in a new tab..
  • Alternatively, there is also a huge range of foldable backpacks to discover here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

If you are more fashion-conscious, a great alternative to this regular looking backpack is the Le Pliage Backpack from LongchampOpens in a new tab.. One of my friends has it & it looks really good for both hiking and city walks.

Kathmandu 15L Foldable Pocket Backpack - what it looks like on me & what it looks like after folded up (comparison to an iPhone 13 pro case)
Kathmandu 15L Foldable Pocket Backpack – what it looks like on me & what it looks like after folded up (comparison to an iPhone 13 pro case)

Crossbody Day Bag

I do not like to carry a backpack unless I’m hiking or there is a lot of stuff to carry around. For a regular day out, I prefer a crossbody bag instead.

The perfect crossbody day bag should be lightweight and have a decent storage capacity. Ideally, there should also be a zipper pocket within the bag for your valuables.

Packing Cubes (optional, but highly recommended)

Ever since I discovered packing cubes, I couldn’t go anywhere without them.

Packing cubes can help you stay organised on the go, make it easy to find stuff, and spare some extra storage space.

The price and quality of packing cubes vary significantly in different stores. In general, the pricer packing cubes are more durable and long-lasting than the cheaper ones. However, a lot of the time, you can buy multiple cheap packing cubes for the price of an expensive one. They do break more often, but it may work out just fine for many of us.

  • Check out the pricing and selection of packing cubes here on Amazon.Opens in a new tab.
  • Check out the pricing and selection of packing cubes here on eBayOpens in a new tab..

Sun Protections

The Australian sun is harsh. As a result, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancers.

Throughout my career as a nurse, I have seen a lot of people with nasty skin cancers. As a result, I treat sun protection very seriously, and you might have also noticed that from some of my photos and videos here and on YouTube.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 30+ (preferably SPF 50+)

When buying sunscreen, make sure you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, so you are protected against both UVA and UVB.

Depending on the season and the UV index for the day, you might be okay with an SPF 30+ sunscreen. But, to be on the safe side, try to apply SPF 50+ where possible. Make sure you are also regularly reapplying, especially on those sunny days.

You can easily find reasonably priced broad-spectrum sunscreens from most grocery stores and chemists in Australia. From my experience, Chemist WarehouseOpens in a new tab. tends to have the best selection and cheapest price for sunscreens in Australia.


As you can tell from my travel photos and videos, I love my wide-brim sun hats. They might not be the prettiest, but they provide much better sun protection than a regular cap.

The hats I have been using are all very cheap from Amazon, but they all have a wide brim and provide SPF 50+ sun protection, which I highly recommend.

  • Check out the style and pricing for similar sun hats on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Check out the style and pricing for similar sun hats on eBayOpens in a new tab..
Disguised under all my sun protections
Disguised under all my sun protections


Sunglasses are a must-have sun protection item when visiting anywhere in Australia.

If you forgot to bring one, you can purchase a pair from many convenient stores and chemists in Tasmania. Unless you prefer the big brand names, sunglasses are mostly reasonably priced all around Australia.


Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a daily essential for most of us. Apart from being a communication device, many people use their beloved mobile phones as cameras as well. If this is you, be sure to prepare enough mobile or cloud storage for your photos and videos, before heading to Tasmania.

In addition, although many mobile phones are now water-resistant, I would still suggest purchasing a waterproof pouch to store your mobile phone and other valuables when enjoying any water activities.

  • Check out current pricing & selections for waterproof phone pouches here on Amazon.Opens in a new tab.
  • Check out current pricing & selections for waterproof phone pouches here on eBay.Opens in a new tab.

Sim Card

Being a city girl, I rarely have issues with phone reception. But my trip to Tasmania has taught me the importance of choosing a reliable mobile network.

I’m not going to bad mouth the network I have been with and the horrors it put me through, during my Tasmania road trip. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have screenshot the network coverage maps for all 3 major Australian telcos to help you compare (Vodafone vs Optus vs Telstra). From my experience and what the maps indicate, I believe Telstra is likely your best bet for road tripping Tasmania.

Network Coverage Comparison for Major Telcos in Tasmania
Network Coverage Comparison in Tasmania for Major Australian Telcos – from left to right: Vodafone, Optus, Telstra 4G, Telstra 3G.

Camera (optional)

Since most people are using their smartphones for photos and videos, a camera can be optional in your packing list.

However, for those who would prefer professional photos from a DSLR camera, be sure to bring along your beloved camera and lenses to capture the beauty of Tasmania.

Memory Card (optional)

Tasmania is incredible. I believe you will have a strong urge to take as many photos and videos as you possibly can. Hence, it would be a good idea to bring a memory card or two, just in case your camera storage is running low.

You can also purchase memory cards in Hobart or Launceston. However, once you have driven out of Hobart or Launceston, you may have trouble finding the memory cards you desperately need.

  • Check out memory cards here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Check out memory cards here on eBayOpens in a new tab..


For all your electronics, don’t forget to bring the chargers.

Power Bank

Power Banks can come in handy when you are out and about for the whole day. It is especially useful if you are taking a lot of photos and videos with your mobile, as these activities do drain your battery relatively fast.

  • Check out the pricing and selection of Power Banks here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Check out the pricing and selection of Power Banks here on eBayOpens in a new tab..


Essential Hygiene Products

Most hotels do supply essential hygiene products, such as soap and shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, you may also want to bring your own supply to reduce the risks of skin reactions to an unknown product.

In addition, hotels usually do not supply toothbrush and toothpaste in Australia. Hence, be sure to bring your own suply when visiting.

Moisturiser & Lip Balm

Even though you may not routinely use a moisturiser or lip balm, it may be worthwhile bringing some along on your trip to Tasmania.

Tasmania is famous for its outdoors, and you are likely spending a great deal of time hiking, surfing, and kayaking. From my experience, these activities tend to dry up the skin relatively fast, and a good moisturiser and lip balm will come in handy when it happens to you.

Toiletry Bag (optional)

A toiletry bag is optional, but it will help to organise your toiletries and keep the rest of your suitcase clean and dry.

There is a variety of toiletry bags online and in-store. They mostly function the same. Make sure to choose one that will suit your lifestyle and fit everything in.

The toiletry bag I have been using was purchased from Amazon a few years ago. It is compact and can be hung up on a hook for convenience. You can also wash it in a washer to keep it clean.

  • Feel free to check out the Toiletry Bags here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Similar products are also available here on eBayOpens in a new tab..
The Toiletry Bag I have been using - size comparison with a sunglass case & what it looks like when opened up
The Toiletry Bag I have been using – size comparison with a sunglass case & what it looks like when opened up

Essential Medical Supplies

First Aid Kit

With all the outdoor activities you may participate in, having a basic first aid kit may come in handy. This is especially true for families with kids.

  • If you haven’t gotten one already, you can purchase one online or in-store from Chemist Warehouse.
  • Alternatively, you can also purchase a first aid kit here on AmazonOpens in a new tab. or eBayOpens in a new tab..

Essential Medications and Medical Devices

If you are on regular medications or need to carry certain medications and/or medical devices around, make sure you are well stocked and equipped before heading to Tasmania.

Motion sickness tablets

The roads in Tasmania can be very winding. If you have issues with motion sickness, it would be wise to bring some motion sickness tablets with you.

This applies to ferries and cruises as well. If ferry/cruise rides are on your planner, bringing some motion sickness tablets may also be a good idea.

Medications for Diarrhoea

Medications for Diarrhoea is a must-have for all travels.

Although Tasmania is generally very clean, you may still end up eating the wrong food and suffering from diarrhoea as a result.

Other Items to Pack

Water Bottle

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Tasmania.

To save your travel budget and the environment, be sure to bring a durable water bottle, so you can fill up as you go.

Earplugs & Eye Mask for Sleep

I sleep really light, so earplugs and an eye mask are part of my travel essentials.

If you have the thinnest suspicion that you may have trouble falling asleep with the noise and lights from your hotel, I suggest you prepare some earplugs and an eye mask. Because the last thing you want is to be awake in the middle of the night and regretting not having any earplugs and/or an eye mask.

  • If you haven’t got any around, you can easily purchase a set here on AmazonOpens in a new tab. for only a few dollars.
  • Similar items are available here on eBayOpens in a new tab. as well.

Insect repellent

Mosquitos can carry some nasty diseases. Since you are likely to spend a huge amount of time outdoors during your Tasmania trip, a good insect repellent can be very useful.

You can either bring some from home or get them from convenience stores or chemists on arrival.


A durable umbrella comes in handy during any trip that may involve rain and/or snow.

Since it can get really windy on those rainy days in Tasmania, I do suggest purchasing the best quality umbrella you can financially afford.

In addition, a foldable and compact umbrella is much preferred during a trip, so you can easily fit it into your day bag.

  • Feel free to check out these foldable umbrellas here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • You can also find similar products here on eBayOpens in a new tab..
The umbrella I have in comparison to an iPhone 13 Pro case
The umbrella I have been using in comparison to an iPhone 13 Pro case – I really enjoyed how compact it is & it is also relatively light weight


Nowadays, a lot of people are using Google Maps to navigate. However, due to issues with network coverage, you may risk losing your Google Navigation in certain areas of Tasmania.

Speaking from my own experience, I believe a digital/paper road map is needed for a road trip around Tasmania. For peace of mind, you may want to purchase a Tasmania Road Map here from AmazonOpens in a new tab..

Gaiters (optional)

When you are out on a hike, gaiters can be particularly useful in keeping your legs dry, reducing the chances of insect bites, and minimising the effects of snake bites.

However, some people might not like how hot it feels under a pair of gaiters, so the use of gaiters is more of a personal preference.

  • If you are looking for a good pair of gaiters, feel free to check out here on AmazonOpens in a new tab..
  • Similar products can also be found here on eBayOpens in a new tab..


Travel Itinerary & Booking Information

Nowadays, most people store travel bookings on their mobile devices. But I still think it’s a good idea to bring a printout of your travel itinerary and bookings information as a backup.

Driver’s License

A valid driver’s license is essential if you are planning to be behind the wheels.

National Park Pass

A valid National Park Pass is required for all national parks in Tasmania.

You can either purchase it online Opens in a new tab.or on arrival from a national park visitor centre or travel information centre.

The price varies depending on which national park you are visiting, how many days you are visiting, whether you are visiting as a group/family, and whether you have a car.

I found that if you are planning for 2 days or more in Tasmania’s National Parks, a holiday pass (valid for 2 months) will generally make the most financial sense.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash

Off course.

Personal Identification and Travel Documents

For Australian travellers, a valid Driver’s License or Proof of Age Card is sufficient for personal identification and getting into Tasmania.

For international travellers, a valid passport and visa will be required for this purpose.


It’s always a good idea to make sure you have adequate health and travel insurance coverage for your trip.

For Australians, health insurance may not be essential, but a good travel insurance policy may be needed to protect your personal assets during travels.

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