10-Day Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary

Planning a trip to Tasmania & only having 10 days to spare? Here is a 10-Day Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary to help simplify your trip planning process.

Suggestions on where to eat & stay for this 10-Day Tasmania Road Trip are also provided in this itinerary. Hope you can find them useful.

10 Days Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary – Overview

  • Day 1: Hobart
  • Day 2: Hobart to Lake St Clair, via Mt Field National Park
  • Day 3: Lake St Clair to Cradle Mountain, via Queenstown
  • Day 4: Cradle Mountain
  • Day 5: Cradle Mountain to Launceston
  • Day 6: Launceston
  • Day 7: Launceston to Bay of Fires
  • Day 8: Bicheno
  • Day 9: Freycinet National Park
  • Day 10: Tasman Peninsula

There is a lot to explore in Tasmania. If time and budget allow, you can easily spend weeks in Tasmania without ever running out of new attractions to visit. However, 10 days is an adequate length of stay to visit the main attractions in Tasmania. Let me show you how.

Day 1: Hobart

Mt Wellington Summit, Hobart
Mount Wellington Summit

For more information on visiting Hobart, you may wish to read this article on ‘One Day in Hobart‘.


  1. Battery Point: After breakfast, you may wish to take a stroll around Battery Point to check out its adorable sandstone cottages.
  2. Salamanca Place: Famous for its Salamanca Market, Salamanca Place is a charming cobblestone-lined street near Hobart Waterfront.
  3. Hobart Waterfront: Built on the banks of River Derwent, Hobart’s buzzing waterfront is only minutes away from Hobart CBD & Salamanca Place.
  4. Museum of Old and New Art (MONA): An unconventional museum and a must-visit attraction near Hobart.
  5. Mount Wellington Summit: Overlooking the beautiful Hobart, peaceful River Derwent, and the stunning Tasman Peninsula. A great place to finish the day, with an impressive sunset view.


  • Breakfast: Check out Jackman & McRoss to start the day from the beautiful Battery Point.
  • Lunch: Fish & Chips from Hobart Waterfront seems like a popular choice in Hobart.
  • Dinner: End the day with some delicious Japanese food from Bar Wa Izakaya.

Where to Stay

  • There is a wide range of accommodations in Hobart & you may wish to stay near the CBD area tonight, so you are close to all the facilities and attractions.
  • Check out accommodations around Hobart on Booking.com

Day 2: Mount Field National Park

Mt Field National Park - 10 Days Tasmania Road Trip
Mount Field National Park – 10 Days Tasmania Road Trip


  1. Russell Falls: A short walk from the visitor information centre, you will find yourself in an enchanting rainforest and looking up at the spectacular Russell Falls.
  2. Three Falls Circuit: Check out the Three Falls Circuit via Russell Falls to view Horseshoe Falls & Lady Barron Falls. This circular walk will take about 2.5 hours on average.
  3. Lake St Clair: Visit Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair. This tranquil blue lake also offers a spectacular sunset view, which you should check out.


  • BreakfastSisterhood in Sandy Bay.
  • Lunch: Enjoy a picnic along your walk within Mount Field National Park.
  • Dinner: Derwent Bridge Wilderness Hotel – My favourite diner around Lake St Clair. They had a mouthwatering Sri Lanka curry on the menu when I visited. It was by far the best curry I have ever had in Australia.

Where to Stay

  • Stay overnight in Derwent Bridge or Lake St Clair.
  • Lake St Clair (check out on Booking.com) – A lot more expensive than Derwent Bridge.
  • Derwent Bridge (check out on Booking.com) – Mostly budget-friendly accommodations & only a short drive away from Lake St Clair National Park.

Day 3: Lake St Clair > Cradle Mountain

Lake St Clair, Tasmania
Lake St Clair, Tasmania

For detailed information on road-tripping between Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain, you may wish to also read this itinerary on ‘Lake St Clair to Cradle Mountain via Queenstown’.


  1. Lake St Clair: Enjoy a short walk near Lake St Clair, before heading off to Cradle Mountain.
  2. Nelson Falls: A magnificent waterfall, tucked away in a stunning rainforest. Only an easy 20-minute return walk from the car park.
  3. Iron Blow Lookout: Check out the distinctive moonscape and vivid blue lake from copper mining back in the 1800s.
  4. Queenstown: Once the world’s richest mining town, Queenstown offers some interesting historic buildings.
  5. Black Bluff Lookout: For an impressive view of the Vale of Belvoir.
  6. Cradle Mountain: Enjoy a short walk and wombat spotting near the Ranger Station, after your long drive.


  • Breakfast: Hungry Wombat Cafe in Derwent Bridge.
  • Lunch: Linda Cafe, adjacent to the Ruins of the Old Royal Hotel (Gormanston).
  • Dinner: Tavern Bar & Bistro at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Where to Stay

  • There is a great selection of accommodations within Cradle Mountain, which you can check out here on Booking.com.
  • Cheaper accommodations options are also available around Sheffield (check out on Booking.com) and Tullah (check out on Booking.com ), which are about 40-50 minutes’ drive from Cradle Mountain.

Day 4: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain - 10 Days Tasmania Road Trip
Cradle Mountain – 10 Days Tasmania Road Trip

For a detailed article on the Walking Tracks, Wildlife, Entrance Fee, Shuttle Bus, Where to Eat, Where to Shop, Where to Stay, Weather, and How Long to Spend in Cradle Mountain, check out here on ‘All Things to Know When Visiting Cradle Mountain’.


  1. Hiking from Dove Lake to the Cradle Mountain Summit: Dove Lake carpark > Dove Lake Circuit (clockwise direction)> Hansons Peak > Face Track > Cradle Mountain Summit (depending on hiking experience & fitness level) > Marions Lookout > Dove Lake Circuit > Dove Lake Boat Shed > Dove Lake carpark
  2. Wildlife Spotting: Around nightfall, near Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge.


  • Breakfast: Buffet breakfast from Cradle Mountain Hotel; or for a good selection of decently priced meals from Elements Cafe near the visitor centre.
  • Lunch: Pack a picnic to enjoy, with the breathtaking views of Cradle Mountain Summit and Dove Lake.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a bar menu or buffet dinner at Cradle Mountain Hotel after your long hike.

Where to Stay

  • There is a range of accommodations to choose from in Cradle Mountain National Park. However, they are generally more expensive than outside of Cradle Mountain.
  • Cheaper options can be found near Sheffield and Tullah, which are about a 45-50 minutes drive from Cradle Mountain.

Day 5: Cradle Mountain > Launceston

Devonport, Tasmania

Check out this ‘Cradle Mountain to Launceston Road Trip’ for more detailed information on this road trip between Cradle Mountain and Launceston:


  1. Cradle Mountain: Enjoy a morning walk near the Ranger Station to start the day.
  2. Devonport: A stunning coastal town, overlooking the Bass Strait.
  3. Cataract Gorge Reserve: Only a 30 minutes walk (or 5 minutes drive) from Launceston CBD, you will find this impressive reserve for a leisure stroll.


  • Breakfast: Elements Cafe in Cradle Mountain.
  • LunchDrift Cafe in Devonport; or Ashgrove Cheese Diary Door for a cheesy lunch.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a meaty burger and a glass of cold beer from Burger Junkie in Launceston. I also really enjoyed the cool vibe this place offered & be sure to check out when in Launceston.

Where to Stay

  • Launceston is in no short supply of quality accommodations for every budget and need.
  • I suggest staying around Launceston CBD, so you are close to all the eateries and pubs. In this way, you can also have a self-guided walking tour of this beautiful city, after dinner and/or breakfast.
  • Check out accommodations around Launceston on Booking.com

Day 6: Launceston

Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Tasmania
Bridestowe Lavender Farm

For more detailed information on Launceston, be sure to check out this: ‘Launceston Road Trip’.


  1. Tamar Island Wetlands Centre: A peaceful wetlands centre, home to a wide variety of feathered animals & only a 10-minute drive from Launceston.
  2. Brady’s Lookout: Provides the best view of the beautiful Tamar Valley, with the stunning Ben Lomond plateau as background.
  3. Batman Bridge: A cool, modern-looking bridge, worthwhile to pull off for some photos.
  4. Low Head Lighthouse: A picturesque lighthouse with an incredible view of the Bass Strait and the entrance of Tamar River.
  5. Bridestowe Lavender Farm: Check out the expansive lavender field at Bridestowe Lavender Farm.
  6. Hillwood Berry Farm: Enjoy some fresh berries at Hillwood Berry Farm.


Where to Stay

  • I suggest staying around Launceston CBD again (ideally in the same place, so you are not constantly packing) for convenience.

Day 7: Launceston > Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires, Tasmania
Bay of Fires


  1. St Columba Falls: One of Tasmania’s highest falls & a great refreshment during your long drive from Launceston to the Bay of Fires.
  2. Binalong Bay: The most accessible section of the Bay of Fires. For a glimpse into the breathtaking coastline along the Bay of Fires.
  3. The Gardens: After visiting Binalong Bay, you can then follow Gardens Road towards The Gardens to further explore this magnificent coastline.


  • Breakfast: Sweetbrew in Launceston.
  • Lunch: Sco & Co. and The Lifebuoy Cafe in St Helens.
  • Dinner: Join the Beer Garden at The Social Tasmania in St Helens.

Where to Stay

  • St Helens is only a 10-minute drive, south of Binalong Bay, but with a lot more cafes, shops, and accommodations to choose from.
  • For accommodations near the Bay of Fires, feel free to check it out here on Booking.com.

For more information on the Bay of Fires and Where to Stay, feel free to check out ‘Bay of Fires‘.

Day 8: Bicheno

East Coast Natureworld, Bicheno, Tasmania
East Coast Natureworld, Bicheno, Tasmania

Feel free to check out ‘Things to do in BichenoOpens in a new tab.‘, for more detailed information on Bicheno.


  1. East Coast Natureworld: A wildlife sanctuary in Bicheno, to meet a range of Australian and Tasmanian wildlife. Feel free to check out this ‘East Coast Natureworld – A Must Visit in Bicheno’ for more detailed information.
  2. Diamond Island: A small granite island, connected to the mainland of Tasmania via a sandbar on low tide. There are also many stunning rock pools scattered around the island.
  3. Bicheno Blowhole: Admire this impressive blowhole around sunset for the best views.
  4. Bicheno Penguin Tour: One of the most popular night-time activities in Bicheno & totally worth every cent you may spend.


  • Breakfast: Grab a quick bite & your caffeine fix at Coffee Away in St Helens.
  • Lunch: Enjoy some delicious Tacos and Nachos from Spicy Mamas (Bicheno).
  • Dinner: Fresh lobsters from Lobster ShackOpens in a new tab. in Bicheno.

Where to Stay

  • With a good range of shops, eateries, and affordable accommodations to choose from, Bicheno has become a great place for visitors to base themselves when exploring Tasmania’s east coast.
  • Check out accommodations in Bicheno on Booking.comOpens in a new tab.

Day 9: Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Feel free to check out this ‘Freycinet National Park Day TripOpens in a new tab.‘ for more detailed information on Freycinet National Park.


  1. Mt Amos Summit: Offering a spectacular panoramic view of Wineglass Bay, Hazards Beach, and Coles Bay.
  2. Wineglass Bay: The poster child of Freycinet National Park & a must-visit of Freycinet National Park.
  3. Hazards Beach: Peaceful and well-suited for a leisure stroll and swim.


  • Breakfast: Little Bay Patisserie in Bicheno.
  • Lunch: Pack a picnic to enjoy, with a view of the picturesque Wineglass Bay.
  • Dinner: Fresh seafood from Scalefish Takeaway (Coles Bay).

Where to Stay

  • I prefer to stay in Bicheno again tonight for its convenience & to save me from packing and unpacking again.
  • Staying within Freycinet National Park or Coles Bay are also popular options when visiting Freycinet National Park.

For a detailed comparison of different accommodation choices, feel free to check out this article on ‘Where to Stay in Freycinet National Park’Opens in a new tab..

Day 10: Tasman Peninsula

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania
Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

For more detailed information on attractions from the Tasman Peninsula, you may wish to also check out this article on ‘Port Arthur Day Trip’.


  1. Tasman Bay National Park Lookout: Provides a magnificent view of the beautiful Pirates Bay. The perfect stop after a long drive from the east coast.
  2. Tessellated Pavement: Only a short drive from Tasman Bay National Park Lookout, you can find the fascinating Tessellated Pavement. Make sure you plan some time to spend here.
  3. Port Arthur Historic Site:Opens in a new tab. A historic convict settlement from the 1800s. A great place to learn the settlement history of Tasmania and Australia.
  4. Doo Town: A small seaside village in Pirates Bay, better known for its Doo-themed house names & signages.
  5. Tasmans Arch & Devil’s Kitchen: A set of impressive geological formations near Doo Town. There are also many wildlife in this area.
  6. Blowhole & Fossil Bay Lookout: Check out the explosive waves from the Blowhole & admire the spectacular coastline from Fossil Bay Lookout.


Where to Stay

  • For the last day of this 10-Day Tasmania Itinerary, you may wish to stay near Hobart/ Hobart airport for the night (make it easier for catching the flight tomorrow).
  • For accommodations near Hobart Airport, you can find them here on Booking.comOpens in a new tab..

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