Top 5 Attractions in Beachport, South Australia

Sitting on the beautiful Limestone Coast & with only around 650 permanent residents (according to the 2016 census), Beachport is a peaceful coastal town that I have always dreamt of retiring in.

Ideally positioned between Robe and Mount Gambier, Beachport also makes the perfect place to break up your travel between Robe and Mount Gambier.

Although Beachport is small, it offers a great range of attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy. To help navigate through your visit to Beachport, I have listed my top 5 must-visit attractions in Beachport. Hope you can find it useful.

Beachport Jetty

When driving into Beachport, the stunning Beachport Jetty is typically the first few attractions people will come across.

At 772 metres, Beachport Jetty is the second longest jetty in South Australia (ranked just behind the Port Germein Jetty). Because of its length, from the foreshore area, Beachport Jetty somehow looked like it was extending all the way to the South Pole!

If time allows, make sure you take a stroll along this long jetty to appreciate Beachport’s spectacular coastline and crystal clear water. The return walk along Beachport Jetty took me about 20 minutes in a leisurely manner & you can certainly complete this walk in a shorter timeframe if in a rush.

Because of how far this jetty is built out to the sea, Beachport Jetty is also a great spot for fishing.

Cape Martin Lighthouse

Cape Martin Lighthouse is tucked behind a group of residential buildings on Foster Street.

To access Cape Martin Lighthouse, you will need to park at the end of Foster Street. There is a sign near the carpark, indicating the direction of Cape Martin Lighthouse. The walk to Cape Martin Lighthouse from the carpark is relatively short & only takes a few minutes to complete.

You won’t be able to access the inside of Cape Martin Lighthouse, but because the lighthouse is sitting on a tiny hill, you can get a great view of Beachport’s coastline and the beautiful Beachport Jetty.

From Cape Martin Lighthouse, you can also continue the walk further to view the Penguin Islands and the decommissioned lighthouse on Penguin Island.

Bowman Scenic Drive

If you can only pick one attraction to visit in Beachport, Bowman Scenic Drive is the one!

Bowman Scenic Drive is a picturesque coastal drive that takes you from Beachport Jetty to Bartlet Rocks. Along this drive, there are various parking bays and scenic lookouts, so you can also get off the car to explore this rugged coastline on foot.

For people who love fishing, you may wish to bring your fishing rod to spend some time near Salmon Hole. It is one of the best fishing spots in Beachport.

For many visitors, Bowman Scenic Drive normally ends after admiring the impressive blowholes near Bartlet Rocks. However, for people who have a 4WD, you can continue this scenic drive further to Three Mile Rocks and beyond. This is because the road along this drive will turn into a sandy track near the Bartlet Rocks, which will require a 4WD to avoid getting bogged.

Beachport View Point

Beachport View Point is a lookout spot tucked behind the Bowman Scenic Drive.

Built on top of a small hill, Beachport View Point provides a spectacular 360-degree view of the beautiful Beachport, the rugged coastline, the peaceful lakes, and the expansive Beachport Conservation Park. It is the best place for a bird’s eye view of Beachport.

Beachport Old Wool and Grain Store Museum

Originally built in 1879 as a Wool and Grain Store, this historic building has since been transformed into a museum, showcasing a variety of artefacts to vividly display Beachport’s settlement history.

With a range of working tools, farming machinery, furniture, and clothing items, Beachport Old Wool and Grain Store MuseumOpens in a new tab. provides a great insight into the lives in Beachport from the 1800s to the early 1900s. It is a great place to spend an hour or two discovering.

Entry to Beachport Old Wool and Grain Store Museum requires a ticket, which is currently AUD 5 per adult & concession and family tickets are available as well (price at the time of writing – June 2022).

Opposite the museum, you will also find the Susan Wilson Memorial Playground. It has a small ship replica and a range of other playground equipment. It can be a great place for families with kids too.

Attractions you may also be interested in

Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is also known as the Beachport Salt Lake. It is a peaceful inland lake near Bowman Scenic Drive.

It has been said that water from the Pool of Siloam is seven times saltier than water from the ocean. Because of this high salt content, water in the Pool of Siloam is fairly buoyant & it can be a lot of fun to swim in it as well.

With that being said, the water did not look very clean when I visited, and the high salt content can also be very irritating to the skin and eyes. Personally, I will not jump into that water, but many people have & they enjoyed it.

Beachport Conservation Park

Beachport Conservation Park is a historic reserve near Beachport. It is a sanctuary for various birds & offers a spectacular view of a rugged coastline and Lake George.

Access to Beachport Conservation Park is mainly for 4WDs, as the roads within Beachport Conservation Park are either rough unsealed roads or sandy 4WD tracks.

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