One Day in Hobart

Sitting on the banks of River Derwent, with Mount Wellington in the background, Hobart is a picturesque city to visit.

There is a lot to see around Hobart. However, if you are only visiting Hobart for a day, you might find it difficult to fit in all Hobart’s must-visit attractions.

It is possible and practical to visit all the must-visits in Hobart within only one day. To help you navigate, I have listed a compact and practical One Day Itinerary for visiting Hobart. Hope you can find it useful.

If you happen to be looking for a Multiday Road Trip Itinerary around Hobart, you may wish to check out my post ‘Hobart Road Trip – 5 Days’.

1. Breakfast around Hobart CBD & Battery Point

Hobart CBD and Battery Point are populated with many quirky cafes.

Be sure to start your day with a delicious brunch from one of the top-rated cafes near you, to experience Hobart’s cafe culture.

2. Battery Point

With only a 15-minute walk from the CBD, you can find yourself walking along the quaint street of Battery Point.

Battery Point is a charming suburb, first established in the 1800s. The streets in Battery Point are mostly lined with cute sandstone cottages. Within these cottages, you can find characteristic cafes, quirky antique shops, and well-renovated hotels/hostels.

After visiting the beautiful Battery Point, be sure to follow Kelly Steps to visit the famous Salamanca Place.

Salamanca Place & Kelly Steps
Salamanca Place & Kelly Steps

3. Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place is a cobblestone square, right off Hobart’s waterfront.

The sandstone buildings along Salamanca Place are all very well preserved and ooze an early settlement feel.

You can also find a range of galleries, shops, and restaurants within these buildings.

Salamanca Place is also home to the popular Salamanca Market.

Salamanca Market is a popular street market, hosted every Saturday along Salamanca Place. It is also a popular Hobart attraction that has attracted thousands of visitors per year.

In addition to the shops and eateries you can routinely find along Salamanca Place, there are also many stalls selling fresh local produce, hand-made gifts, and artisan products in Salamanca Market.

4. Hobart Waterfront

After visiting Salamanca Place, we will take a short 5 minutes to walk towards the Hobart Waterfront.

Once at the Waterfront, be sure to take a stroll along the beautiful water and piers to appreciate Hobart’s stunning landscape, before heading over to Brooke St Pier for a 25 minutes ferry towards MONA.

Hobart Waterfront
Hobart Waterfront

5. MONA Ferry

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art is a unique and unconventional museum, sitting on the bank of River Derwent.

You can drive 20 minutes from Hobart to MONA.

However, the MONA Ferry from Brooke St Pier is a great alternative to start your trip to MONA.

While onboard, you can also enjoy a drink with this stunning harbour view, while getting a taste of what MONA has to offer.

6. Lunch

When it comes to lunch, there are a few convenient options available.

1). You can enjoy the popular fish & chips from the Hobart Waterfront.

2). Or have a meal from the bar/ restaurant from within MONA.

3). A small serve of food is also included onboard MONA Ferry if you have purchased a Posh Pit ticket.


MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, offers a unique range of art exhibitions. Many of them can also be very controversial and thought-provoking.

This is a place I highly recommend to visit when in Hobart. Even for someone like myself, who is not that into art, have had an incredible experience in MONA.

With that being said, certain exhibitions in MONA might not be pleasant for kids to visit. Hence, I do suggest families with kids to research about the exhibitions first, before bringing their kids along.


8. Mount Wellington

Sitting at an altitude of 1271 meters, Mount Wellington Summit offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Hobart, River Derwent, and the Tasman Peninsula.

The commute between Hobart and Mount Wellington Summit only takes about 30-minute by car, which makes Mount Wellington Summit very easily accessible by many.

During the day, you can also catch a Kunanyi / Mt Wellington Explorer Bus to visit the Mount Wellington Summit.

However, if visiting Mount Wellington Summit in the late afternoon/evening for sunset/night views, this Explorer Bus service will not be available.

For more information on how to visit Mount Wellington, feel free to check out this article on ‘Mount Wellington‘.

Mt Wellington Summit, Hobart
Mount Wellington Summit, Hobart

9. Dinner

After this full day of Hobart adventure, be sure to reward yourself with some fresh seafood from the Waterfront.

Alternatively, if seafood is not your cup of tea, Hobart has many different restaurants and pubs available to suit everyone’s taste.

One Day in Hobart – Itinerary

  • Breakfast in CBD or Battery Point
  • Battery Point
  • Salamanca Place
  • Hobart Waterfront
  • MONA Ferry (lunch before, during, or after the ferry – it’s your choice)
  • MONA
  • Mount Wellington Summit
  • Dinner at the Waterfront

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