Port Arthur Day Trip

1. Tasman Bay National Park Lookout

Just a few hundred meters down Pirates Bay Drive, the stunning view from Tasman Bay National Park Lookout will appear right in front of your eyes.

From this lookout, you can obtain a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Pirates Bay, while being surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping.

With ample parking and sitting areas available, this is the perfect spot for a break and a picnic.

Tasman Bay National Park Lookout, Tasman Peninsula
Tasman Bay National Park Lookout, Tasman Peninsula

2. Tasmans Arch & Devil’s Kitchen

Tasmans Arch is an impressive natural bridge, carved by the forces of nature. When you are here, be sure to take a moment to close your eyes and listen to the water gushing through the arch.

By following the circular walk around Tasmans Arch, you will eventually arrive at Devil’s Kitchen. Devil’s Kitchen is a deep trench, with sharp rocky cliffs. It is an important geological feature of this coastline.

3. Blowhole & Fossil Bay Lookout

After another short drive, you will arrive at the Blowhole at Pirates Bay. One thing to note is what can be seen from this blowhole is highly affected by the tide. Hence, it is best to visit here during high tide to avoid disappointment.

However, even if you arrive here during low tide, you can take a short walk to Fossil Bay Lookout instead. From this lookout, you will surely be impressed by the explosive waves and steep cliffs of this coastline.

Fossil Bay Lookout, Tasman Peninsula
Fossil Bay Lookout, Tasman Peninsula

4. Doo Town

On the way back to Arthur Highway, you will drive past Doo Town again.

Doo Town is a peaceful seaside village overlooking the southern end of Pirates Bay. You can find plenty of Doo themed house names around this quirky village. If you look closely, you can find signs such as DOO US, DOO MEE, Wee Doo, Dr Doolittle, GUNNADOO, etc. from most of the houses here. 

5. Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site is a historic landmark, built in the 18th and 19th centuries as a former convict settlement. This site, along with 10 other sites, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Australian Convict Sites.

Entry to the Port Arthur Historic site requires a ticket, which is valid for two consecutive days. The ticket provides access to the entire historic site, a guided walking tour of the historic site, a 20-minute harbour cruise to visit the Isle of the Dead, and entry to the Port Arthur Gallery. 

I spent a great time inside of this historic site and strongly believe this is a must-visit attraction in the Tasman Peninsula. 

The only regret I had with this visit was that I was not able to spend more time in the Port Arthur Historic Site, due to its closing time. There were more to explore in this historic site than I had planned time for.

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasman Peninsula
Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasman Peninsula

Suggested Port Arthur / Tasman Peninsula Day Trip Itinerary 

  • Tasman Bay National Park Lookout 
  • Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Doo Town
  • Tasmans Arch & Devil’s Kitchen
  • Blowhole & Fossil Bay Lookout

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