Mount Wellington – How to Get There & Hiking Suggestions

Mount Wellington is the summit of the Wellington Range. 

With an altitude of 1271 meters, Mount Wellington Summit is the highest peak in Hobart and provides a stunning panoramic view of its surrounding areas.

Open-air observation decks and an enclosed Pinnacle Observation Shelter are available at the Mount Wellington Summit. The open-air observation decks are accessible 24/7. However, the Pinnacle Observation Shelter, together with the toilets, is only open during the daytime.

How to get to Mount Wellington:

1. Driving

With Hobart located at the foot of the Wellington Range, the drive between Hobart and Mount Wellington Summit only takes around 30 minutes.

The road (Pinnacle Road) leading to the summit is very scenic but can be winding and scary to drive on. This road can also be closed when snow, ice, or other conditions pose risks to the public. Hence, it is worthwhile checking for road closures before driving up the summit.

2. Public Transport

Public buses do not go to the Mount Wellington Summit, but you can purchase a Kunanyi / Mt Wellington Explorer Pass to catch the Mt Wellington Explorer Bus from Hobart CBD to Mount Wellington Summit.

This pass is valid all day and will allow you to hop on and hop off at its five stops within the park (Fern Tree, The Springs, The Chalet, Big Bend, and The Pinnacle).

In addition, the Mt Wellington Explorer Bus operates during the daytime only. If you are planning on watching sunrise or sunset at Mount Wellington Summit, taking an Explorer Bus may not work out for your plan.

3. Hike from The Springs to Mount Wellington Summit

Mount Wellington offers a wealth of wilderness, which is better discovered by foot. There are several ways to discover Mount Wellington & hike up to the summit.

The Springs is a popular starting point for hiking up the Mount Wellington Summit.

With an elevation of 720 meters, hikes from The Springs to the Mount Wellington Summit only take around 1.5 to 2 hours one-way (depending on fitness level).

Mount Wellington Hike
Mount Wellington Hike

Different Hiking Options from The Springs to Mount Wellington Summit:

  • The Springs > Pinnacle Track > Zig Zag Track > Mount Wellington Summit
  • The Springs > Pinnacle Track > Organ Pipes Track > The Charlet > Pinnacle Road > Panorama Track > Mount Wellington Summit
  • The Springs > Lenah Valley Track > Sphinx Rock > Sawmill Track (rough and steep) > Organ Pipes Track > Zig Zag Track > Mount Wellington Summit

Weather at Mount Wellington

Due to its high altitude, the temperature at Mount Wellington Summit is about 10 degrees cooler than in Hobart.

Snowfall can also develop at any time of the year, even in the middle of December.

Hence, make sure you plan the wardrobe wisely when visiting.

Food and Drinks in Mount Wellington

When planning a hike up the Mount Wellington Summit, make sure you bring plenty of water, especially on the warmer days. Although you can find water fountains from the summit, there aren’t any along the track.

Food and hot beverages are available at the cafe (Lost Freight) from The Springs, but not available at the summit. 

Watch the Stunning Mount Wellington on YouTube:

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