Cradle Mountain to Launceston

Planning on a road trip between Cradle Mountain and Launceston?

Here is a Cradle Mountain to Launceston Road Trip Itinerary from my recent visit to Tasmania.

Hope you can find this itinerary useful.

Stop 1: Devonport

Devonport lies along the northern coast of Tasmania, where Mersey River meets the Bass Strait. As a seaside city, Devonport offers a stunning coastline.

Along this coastline, Mersey Bluff Viewing Point is a must-visit. From here, you can not only obtain a breathtaking view of the rocky cliffs and huge ocean waves but also get the most picturesque view of Mersey Bluff Lighthouse.

Devonport is about an hour’s drive from Launceston and under 1.5 hours drive from Cradle Mountain. Hence, it makes the perfect detour along your long drive from Cradle Mountain to Launceston. From Devonport, you can also explore further to Burnie and Stanley, if time allows.

Devonport, Tasmania
Devonport, Tasmania

Stop 2: House of Anvers

House of Anvers is a popular Tasmanian chocolatier, located in Latrobe, only 8km from Devonport.

At House of Anvers, you can sample and purchase a great variety of handmade chocolate treats; check out the cafe on-site for a variety of chocolate cakes and hot chocolates; visit the chocolate museum for a history of House of Anvers; watch the entire chocolate making process through their huge display windows.

Stop 3: Ashgrove Cheese

Ashgrove Cheese’s Dairy Door offers a modern cafe, which has a delicious menu with ham & cheese toasties, cheesecakes, cheese tasting platters, and ice cream on offer.

There is also a large outdoor sitting area for you to enjoy the fresh Tasmania air while sampling some cheesy treats.

A speciality shop is also available, with a huge variety of cheese products to choose from.

In addition, you can also view the cheese manufacturing process from their massive display window here.

Stop 4: Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm offers pick-your-own raspberries (season dependent).

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-packed raspberries from them directly.

There is also a cafe on-site, which offers a good selection of raspberry desserts and drinks.

To make it more interesting, there are many friendly alpacas around this area as well.

Cradle Mountain to Launceston Road Trip
Cradle Mountain to Launceston Road Trip

Stop 5: Cataract Gorge Reserve

Cataract Gorge Reserve is a stunning nature reserve along the South Esk River & only minutes away from Launceston city centre.

Although Cataract Gorge is in close proximity to the buzzing Launceston city centre, it will completely surround you in its wilderness once you have stepped into this beautiful reserve.

In Cataract Gorge, you can spend hours (around 2 hours on average, depending on the track you choose) discovering the wilderness along the walking tracks; take a stunning photo of First Basin during a relaxing scenic chairlift ride; enjoy a swim in either the well-established public pool or the gorge; check out the spectacular Alexandra Suspension Bridge; make friends with the beautiful peacocks all over this reserve; enjoy dinner with an impressive view at the Gorge Restaurant.

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