East Coast Natureworld – A Must Visit in Bicheno

East Coast Natureworld is a wildlife sanctuary in Bicheno. It is a great attraction for all ages to visit & opens 9.30 am – 4 pm daily.

Judging from the outside, East Coast Natureworld looks very ordinary. When I first arrived at the front door of this sanctuary, I though it will be just like any other zoos. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Upon entering the sanctuary, I was wowed by the layout and how spacious this place was. Fun fact: East Coast Natureworld spans across 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons.

Once inside of East Coast Natureworld, you can wander through this sanctuary at your own pace. Along your walk, you can find many native Tasmanian and Australian wildlife from their spacious enclosures and meet a range of free-roaming animals. These animals all looked very happy and content.

The Animals at East Coast Natureworld

In East Coast Nartureworld, you can find Forester Kangaroos, Wallabies, Peacocks, and a bunch of other feathered animals roaming around freely.

Feeding bags are available for purchase from the ticket office. You can use them to feed all the kangaroos and wallabies within the sanctuary. In my memory, these feeding bags only costed a dollar or two, when we visited.

The free-roaming kangaroos and wallabies were also super friendly and will actively come to you for food. Even if you don’t have any food to offer, they will still be happy with just a good head scratch.

Within the enclosures, you will find Wombats, Wallabies, Tasmanian Devils, Quolls, various birds, and a variety of reptiles. Even though these animals were in enclosures, they also seemed happy and playful.

East Coast Natureworld, Bicheno, Tasmania
East Coast Natureworld, Bicheno, Tasmania

Feeding Time at East Coast Natureworld

Make sure you stick around for the feeding time, which are normally scheduled for 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm.

During the feeding time, the friendly and knowledgeable keepers will provide keeper talks, while feeding the Tasmanian Devils. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

During our visit, the keeper also brought out a little joey for us to interact with & the joey was so soft and cute!

Tasmanian Devil Night Tour

Since Tasmanian Devils are nocturnal animals, there is also a Tasmanian Devil Night Tour available for visitors to meet the devils in their natural habitat.

Complimentary cheese and wine are provided during the tour as well.

You can book this Tasmanian Devil Night Tour via their website.

Facilities Available

A cafe is available on site for you to grab a drink and a bite.

Adjacent to the cafe, you can also purchase souvenirs from their gift shop.

Last but not the least, toilets are available within the sanctuary, and they were well maintained as well.

Is East Coast Natureworld worth a Visit?

Yes, absolutely.

We had a great time visiting East Coast Natureworld and spent almost 3 hours here. It is a perfect day out for both kids and grown-ups to spend some quality time with a range of wildlife.

Watch East Coast Natureworld on YouTube:

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