10 Must Visit Attractions in Hobart

Hobart is a beautiful city and has a lot to offer. However, it would be impractical to visit all of them. Here, I’m going to share my 10 must-visit attractions in Hobart. Hope you can find them useful.


MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, is an unconventional and quirky museum, only a short drive from Hobart city centre.

The exhibitions here are very thought-provoking and can be controversial as well. Hence, it may not be for everyone’s taste.

Certain exhibitions here may even be considered unpleasant to some people & for families with kids, I suggest parents to do more research before bringing the kids along.

MONA, Hobart
MONA, Hobart

2. Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay and Eaglehawk Neck are about an hour’s drive from Hobart.

There are many attractions to explore in this area, such as Tessellated Pavement, Tasmans Arch, and Fossil Bay Lookout. All these attractions will give you a taste of the impressive geological landscape of the Tasman Peninsula.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Tasman Bay National Park Lookout
Tasman Bay National Park Lookout

3. Battery Point

Batter Point is only a 15-minute walk from Hobart CBD & connected to the Salamanca Place via Kelly’s Steps.

It is a charming suburb with streets lined with beautiful sandstone cottages from the 1800s. You can also find a range of quirky antique shops and cafes along the neat streets in Battery Point.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Battery Point, Hobart
Battery Point, Hobart

4. Huon Valley

Located in Tasmania’s southernmost region, Huon Valley is best known for its apple orchards and craft ciders.

However, don’t forget to take drive along the picturesque Huon River to explore the beautiful Port Huon and Surveyors Bay as well. From my experience, the pristine Huon River is what makes this valley special.

If time allows, you can also drive further south to explore Southport and Hasting Caves.

Surveyors Bay
Surveyors Bay

5. The Neck Lookout

The Neck is a narrow strip of land connecting North and South Bruny & it is also the drawing card for this impressive island.

From the Neck Lookout, you can find large crashing waves on the ocean side & tranquil water with roaming swans on the bay side.

The contrast between these two waters was so surreal & photos are simply not able to do justice to this impressive view.

The Neck Lookout, Bruny Island
The Neck Lookout, Bruny Island

6. Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay is also a well-known attraction on Bruny Island.

It is famous for its beautiful east-facing long beach. White wallabies are also known to frequent this area.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Adventure Bay, Bruny Island
Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

7. Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place is a beautiful cobblestone-lined street, with an early settlement feel. It is famous for its Salamanca Market, which trades on Saturdays only.

In Salamanca Market, you can find a variety of eateries, fresh local produce, and gift ideas. It is one of the top visited tourist attractions in Hobart.

Even on non-market days, you can still find many shops selling interesting artisan items and local produce along Salamanca Place.

Salamanca Place, Hobart
Salamanca Place, Hobart

8. Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington Summit is about a 30-minute drive from Hobart.

Being the highest peak in Hobart, Mount Wellington Summit offers a stunning bird’s eye view of Hobart and its surrounding areas.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Mount Wellington Summit
Mount Wellington Summit

9. Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Located at the southernmost tip of Bruny Island, Cape Bruny Lighthouse and its surroundings are all very secluded. The beautiful nature and the stunning ivory-white lighthouse somehow make this place look exceptionally enchanted.

There is also guided lighthouse tour available to get to the top of this charming lighthouse, for an unobstructed panoramic view of the impressive Cape Bruny.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Cape Bruny Lighthouse

10. Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Australian Convict Sites.

A trip here will provide you with an insight into the settlement history of Port Arthur and Tasmania. The buildings and landscape in this historic site are also very unique and well preserved.

Must Visit Attractions in Hobart - Port Arthur Historic Site
Port Arthur Historic Site

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